Imagine losing access to all of your critical data out of blue then you are being forced by criminals who demand payment in order to retrieve. This is a new malware known as Ransomware.

Ransomware silently encrypts your files, before demanding payment for their return – often with a time limit.

It targets your most valuable files, like photos, videos, and documents, it can also lock down system files, your web browser, applications, and entire operating system unusable.

How did it get into my computer?

It is spread via malicious email links and attachments – often concealed by changing the file extension and compressing the malicious code into a zip file. Opening the file infects your system.

Ransomware can also be bundled into other applications, such as games, video players, etc. So any application from an unknown or untrusted publisher is a potential risk upon installation.

Once on your system, ransomware works in the background, connecting to a remote server to encrypt single files, whole directories of files, or complete drives.

Phone Scam

phonescamPhone Scam: Don’t Fall For It
This is a common phone scam. Someone calls you at home or at work indicating that they are a computer security expert from Microsoft or another legitimate company. They sound legitimate. They tell you that they have detected malware or a virus on your PC or and that they can help you fix it. They will ask you to turn on your computer so that they can walk you through the fix.

The scammer may then:
•Obtain remote access to your PC or laptop and are then able to access your personal data;
•Get you to download malware; or
•Ask for money in return for “protection” from the malware that is not really on your device.

How To Avoid It?
Best bet: Hang up the phone. It is not legitimate.Phone Scams
The scammer will try to keep you on the phone and convince you to provide them information in an effort to solve your problem. Don’t provide them any personal information; don’t a
allow a stranger to guide you to a certain web page, or instruct you to change a setting on your PC or download software.

For more information
Microsoft’s Safety & Security Center at Microsoft Security link – POP UP window will open

Someone called? visit FCC to report scams. FCC Complaint Assistant Form – POP Up window will open


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Excellent Service

5 5 1
Hiten, I would like to thank you for the excellent service diagnosing my printer and getting it up in running in a matter of minutes. I was out of service for months. I would contact you again for any service on my printer or computer.

Thanks Hiten

5 5 1
Thanks Hiten, I was so afraid I was going to have to replace my computer but you got it working again and fixed my windows.

Product and service

5 5 1
I have been serviced by HJ tech since its inception. On site and remote service for all my regular and SOS business needs of computer crash, upgrades and networking, web designing are serviced professionally and cost effective. Much satisfied with services and consultation.

Satisfied with Result.

5 5 1
Thank You for everything that you have done. I am satisfied with the results and can't wait to see if we have an increase in business!! Regards

HJ Tech-My Go To Guy

5 5 1
I have used HJ Tech for many years for ALL my IT needs at home and in a small business! There is nothing too small or inconsequential that Hiten won't take the time to discuss or fix and he never makes you feel like your asking dumb questions. Conversely, he has taken on large projects such as developed Web sites, network home/small business computers-printers-scanners and restored desktop/laptops and transferred all prior data in a timely and efficient manner. Moreover, he does it all at a cost much less than you can find in the big box stores or even on the internet. If Hiten can't figure something out, he always surprises me by going to the internet to find the answer and get the job completed! I would highly recommend HJ Tech for All your IT needs!

Top Priority: Security

5 5 1
I am a novice to the internet technological world. So when I received a Google alert that a "sign-in attempt to my account was blocked", my goal was to make my laptop inaccessible to anyone. It was Hiten who secured my laptop. Hiten's vast knowledge of hi-tech applications has eased my mind. Within his three visits to my home, my laptop is secure, a new printer is configured to my laptop, my network applications are updated between my Apple TV and laptop, and I am more confident because of the knowledge Hiten shared with me. My iTunes app is updated and "I'm So Excited" because I now have Facebook.


5 5 1
Hiten was very helpful in resolving the hardware issue with my laptop. He advised the cause of the problem and educated me in preventing further issues from happening.

Cleanup and remove viruses

5 5 1
I was very very happy with the service I received. My computer is working much better since I had it cleaned up. I would use HJTech Support in the future and would recommend them to my friends.

Network Issue and tech support.

5 5 1
I had many issues with my network and computers with wireless setup.at my work place. I thought at least two to three days require to get job done. He worked hard to put me back into working environment in 1 and half day with reasonable cost compare to quote I had from others. Not only he completed job but he call me after two days to make sure my network is running smoothly. Great Job! *****

Get the Job done

5 5 1
Taking his time and get the job done. Securing server, email, software, Installation of Video Camera and set up.

Computer shots down while updating windows

5 5 1
Hiten provided an excellent customer service and did a wonderful job. He was able to reload windows and is now working perfectly.

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